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Michele - Great post. I think we definitely need some "slow learning" worked into our overall approach to learning. I like that you use the word "percolate" - probably because it reminds me of making coffee while camping, which is one of the great slowing down experiences that is still possible in postmodern, post-Web 2.0 life. Like many bloggers, I thrive on the connectedness the Web offers, and the "leapfrogging" that you note, and I think it adds a dimension to learning that simply was not possible before. But we have to have the discipline to turn it off or at least turn it down with some regularity or we risk losing a deeper, and often more gratifying, dimension of learning. - Jeff

It's that balance, isn't it Jeff? For myself, I find that I seem to go in one direction or the other and that I need to remind myself to balance my activities. I have a natural tendency to seek out the connectivity and the information, and blogging has actually forced me to slow down a little and reflect, process, etc. I've also made a decision to try to stay off my computer at night. I'm usually up working by 6 a.m. so getting off by 5 in the evening shouldn't be that hard, right? ;-)

I'm not sure I buy "slow learning" as a terminology or concept. I think there is need to be self-aware - to ask the quick question about what's working or not.

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