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Get Camtasia Studio for Free and Create Great Screencasts!

Camtasia Yesterday I created my first screencast on the evolution of a blog post. I did it using the free version of Camtasia Studio that's currently being offered by TechSmith. That's right. You can get a full-featured 3.1.3 version of their software for free!

If you want to snag a copy for yourself, you can download a free copy of Camtasia Studio 3.1.3 here and request the free software key here. Be sure to enter the key in the download area so that you get can register the software. It will also entitle you to an upgrade to the latest version for $149, half the regular price.

With the software you can:

  • Easily record your screen to create compelling training videos, screencasts, and presentations ... without ever leaving your desk.
  • Capture everything you see on your screen
  • Edit and enhance the videos - pinpoint cursor movements with special visual effects, perform sophisticated moves such as highlighting, zooming, and panning, and even record what you draw on the screen
  • Share in the industry-standard AVI and streaming media formats

Once you have your free copy, head on over to Sue Waters, who has some tips on improving the quality of your screencasts that she put together in response to my plea for help yesterday. Be sure to check out the screencast she made on how to record a fixed section of the screen.

You might also want to check out these resources:

This is definitely worth grabbing! Let me know if you do and feel free to share your first efforts.


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Hi Michele - thanks for linking to my post and for starting this great conversation on screencasting (oops Beth and I sort of sidetracked your original conversation -- but in a good way I believe). Based on Beth's love of Jing I have done further investigations into the free screencasting options which you will find on this post further investigations into free screencast software (

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