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Create a Cool Photo Collage for Your Website, Blog, Newsletter, Flickr Album and Just About Anything Else

Looking for a way to do something different with photos for your newsletter, blog or other on and off-line publications? Robin Reagler shared this cool little tool with me--the Hockneyizer. Upload a digital photo and it will create a collage for you. You can use the Polaroid version (what I have here) or one with no frames. You can also change background colors and the number of individual images you... Read more →

YouTube Launches Nonprofit Program--First 300 to Sign up Win a Free Video Camera!

Via Inside Online Video comes the announcement that YouTube is launching a nonprofit program that allows people to give donations through Google Checkout. According to YouTube, registered nonprofits can get: A premium branded channel, Rotation of their videos through the Promoted Videos" feature throughout the site. The option to embed a Donate Now button in their channel with no transaction costs. The first 300 nonprofits to sign up can win... Read more →

The Habits Of High Impact Nonprofits

The Stanford Social Innovation Review has an excellent article summarizing the findings of Forces for Good: The Six Practices of High-Impact Nonprofits by Heather McLeod Grant and Leslie Crutchfield. Chronicling four years of research into 12 highly successful nonprofits, including Teach for America and Habitat for Humanity, the book dispels some common myths about what makes a nonprofit successful, as well as identifying six successful practices. The Myths and Practices... Read more →

Want to Be a Virtual Volunteer for a Social Entrepreneurship Project?

I'm going to try to harness the power of social networking again, so here goes. For one of my clients, I'm currently facilitating a social entrepreneurship project with a class of high school seniors (17-18 year olds). They are forming teams and coming up with a plan to launch a socially-conscious business project. Ultimately they will be presenting their projects to a team of local business and community leaders. As... Read more →

I'm Not the Only One Digging Ning

My interest in Ning continues unabated, especially after seeing that over 100,000 networks have been developed so far. Marc Andreesen's post on the accomplishment indicates that one of the reasons for their incredible growth is that Ning developers are focusing on making it ridiculously easy to set up your own network. I'm here to tell you that they're succeeding with that plan. You can definitely set up a network in... Read more →

Lessons Learned from Calculating My Online Identity Score

From Career Distinction comes a nifty little tool that will calculate your "online identity score" and help you determine how effective your online personal branding efforts have been. When you go to the site, you're instructed to run a Google search, enter in the total number of results returned, determine how many of the results on the first three pages relate to you and then how well you think these... Read more →

If You Don't Believe That Wikis Can Work as an Organization-wide Solution to Knowledge Sharing, Read this Article

Nathan reports on the success of a wiki as a company-wide intranet. Don't be scared away their price tag --a wiki solution can be had for much less money. Wetpaint has many of the features most nonprofits would need to use a wiki as an intranet and these are available for free. Wikispaces is another option, although it's $50/year to keep your space private. Aside from the obvious success of... Read more →

After Three Weeks of Ning Communities, I'm Learning a Few Things

My latest shiny Web 2.0 toy is Ning. Up until about a month ago, I'd only dabbled in it, mostly visiting and joining other Ning communities, but in the last few weeks since I started Building a Better Blog, I've had Ning on the brain. I've since started Beyond the Glass Ceiling, as well as two other networks for clients I'm working with. So I'm getting a lot of experience... Read more →

Our "Take Back Your 9-5" Career Empowerment Retreat is Taking Off!

Last week Rosetta Thurman and I invited interested women to join us for a career retreat in the D.C. area. Since then, we've been thrilled to hear from a number of women who are excited about the idea of working together to create their career plans and move their professional development forward. Now it's time for next steps. The Beyond the Glass Ceiling Community We're starting with a new community... Read more →

Some Tools for Making Group Blogging (and any Group Writing Project) Easier

A few months ago I wrote that the best blogging strategy for nonprofits may be a group blog, where a number of writers are all contributing to creating posts, rather than relying on a single writer. Now I want to share a few tools that can make a group blog--or any group writing project--even easier. Writing Posts with Google Docs Google Docs lets you create and share documents online, which... Read more →