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> unless people see themselves as learners, then personal learning environments as a concept will be dead in the water.

This is something I discuss in the audio of this talk (which I'll post on my site in the middle of next week, when I can transfer it from my iRiver).

In it, I say that this list isn't intended as a set of things to teach your students, it's a set of things for you (the teachers) to teach yourselves; indeed, it is not even something I am saying you should teach yourselves (your list may vary) but is rather the lit of things I think is important in my own learning. My accomplishment in them varies and is sometimes indifferent, which is why it is a list worth reminding myself of.

Thanks for the clarification, Stephen. So this list is actually what I was looking for from other people who are exploring the concept of PLEs--the skills that they believe are necessary for their personal learning.

For myself, this is helpful because it makes me think more purposefully about the skills to develop to enhance my personal learning. But it's also helpful because I do have an interest in facilitating others in this learning process. I've come to believe that my real value in staff development in this connected age is in helping people understand and use the tools of personal learning for themselves, rather than seeing learning as something that is done TO them by their company or FOR them by teachers. I worry about the future of people who aren't able to take control of their own learning as I think that learning is one of the few tools we have to manage our careers in the turbulent economic climate in which we live.

I totally agree with you Michele that there is little/no distinction between personal learning and personal knowledge management. In this post (http://mohamedaminechatti.blogspot.com/2007/04/learning-and-knowledge-management-are-2.html ), I argued that actually learning and knowledge management can be viewed as 2 sides of the same coin.

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