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More on Scarcity vs. Abundance Thinking

In between a grant proposal and a website I'm working on for a client, I've been continuing to think about the issue of scarcity thinking in nonprofits that I started on yesterday as I read what others have to say on the subject. Allen points out that scarcity thinking is the enemy of change management everywhere, not just in relation to IT projects or nonprofits and I completely agree. He... Read more →

101 Ways to Practice Blogging

Earlier I wrote about creating a climate of learning within your nonprofit and mentioned 23 Things, a series of mini lessons designed to help staff get comfortable with Web 2.0 and social media. This morning I noticed this article on 101 Great Blog Posting Ideas to Make Your Blog Sizzle in the nptech feed and it occurred to me that many of them would make great mini exercises for... Read more →

Is the Scarcity Mentality the Biggest Barrier to Social Media in Nonprofits?

Through a circuitous route I won't bother to explain, today I find myself thinking about the impact of scarcity thinking on nonprofit organizations. One of the most powerful learnings I've had in my professional practice is that our mental models have a profound impact on our work practices. One of the mental models I'm observing at work today is scarcity vs. abundance thinking and I'm starting to wonder if the... Read more →

Evaluating Impact: Who Would Miss Us If We Were Gone?

John Moore of Brand Autopsy is running a periodic blog series he calls "Would You Care?" He features a particular company (today it's about Chili's) and asks readers if they would miss the company if it went out of business. What does this have to do with nonprofits? A lot of organizations spend a lot of hours trying to demonstrate impact. Often this becomes a list of activities in which... Read more →

Now You Can Be a Screencaster Too!

Beth Kanter's screencasts have been making me jealous for awhile now, so I was incredibly happy to see that she's sharing the Primer on Screencasting that she'll be presenting at NTC on April 5th. As usual, she has a wikitation to go with it. This one of those "run, do not walk" must-reads that I've already bookmarked. Thanks as always, Beth, for sharing your wealth of knowledge. Read more →

Tip on Blogging for Nonprofits--Do a Group Blog

Tom Johnson of I'd Rather be Writing has some tips for nonprofit blogging. One that I think makes a lot of sense is to "gather a group of enthusiastic people interested in sharing with each other": If you have 8-10 dedicated authors, each of which commits to posting once a week, you can have a highly successful non-profit blog. The quality of authors is impressive on Times and Seasons. It’s... Read more →

Carnival News

A Carnival Round-Up of sorts: Michelle Murrain of Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology is hosting this week's Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants. She has a nice set of posts on dealing with nonprofit data. In related news, Kivi Leroux Miller, founder of the Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants, has five tips from experience on starting your own Carnival. I've already bookmarked the page so I can take her advice for... Read more →

Repurposing My Blog with Leafletter

Over the weekend my husband sent me a link to Leafletter, so I took a break from grant-writing and web site development to experiment with it. One of my experiments was for a client, but, unfortunately, I can't share that with you. The other was for me, a result of me thinking about re-purposing some of my blog content after a Skype conversation a few weeks ago with David Wilcox.... Read more →