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People Love to Learn, But Hate to Be Taught

In my recent Web travels I came across an interesting draft paper from 2003 that's still very relevant today. It talks about "the other 80%"of learning. That is, 20% of learning in organizations is a result of formal training, while 80% occurs through informal learning. Yet organizations put more resources toward developing formal training options. One piece that struck me in this paper was the notion that "people love to... Read more →

Good Neighbors Blogtip the First of Every Month

Kivi is spreading a new meme--blogtipping on the first of each month: "Here is what you do. On the first of each month, pick three blogs that you want to give some exposure to on your blog. For each one, list three things you like and provide one helpful tip. Short little bullets are fine. No lengthy analysis required. Tag your post “blogtipping” so the founder of this concept, Easton... Read more →

Another Resource for Thinking About How Technology Changes Us

Edublog Award nominee Karl Fisch of The Fischbowl (a staff development blog produced by the teachers of Arapahoe High School) has a couple of really interesting presentations on his site. One that caught my eye was What If. What If examines how each new technology--starting with the slate and continuing through paper, ink, calculators, computers, etc.--has been resisted by educators through the years. What particularly strikes me here is the... Read more →

Social Media and Web 2.0 Best Practices Wiki Carnival

A few weeks ago, David Wilcox contacted me to discuss our two wikis. His is Social Media A-Z, which I've mentioned earlier and mine is Best Practices in Using Web 2.0 in Nonprofits. Since then, via Skype and Google Docs, we've cobbled together an idea that we want to share and get feedback on before we start it up. (I should add that it was the always helpful and brilliant... Read more →

How to Ask Good Questions on Listservs and Blogs

Over the weekend I mentioned that we're having a conversation on blogs vs. listservs on the TRDEV list. It's been a lively discussion to say the least that has expanded into the blogosphere both here and at Tony Karrer's eLearning Technology blog. (Be sure to check out Tony's links to previous posts, especially Nancy White's great paper on blogs and community). As we've gone back and forth on the list,... Read more →

Blogging Best Practice--A Newbie Guide to Your Blog

I was reading Tony Karrer's blog eLearning Technology yesterday and noticed that in his banner, he has a button to a Blog Guide for First Time Visitors. That seems to me a nice addition to anyone's blog, but particularly for a nonprofit blog. You never know how people will find you or how much information they have coming into your blog (generally not much if it's their first time) so... Read more →

How to Make Online Collaboration Work

E-Learning Online reposts a great tip from Patti Shank, an instructional designer and principal for Learning Peaks, LLC. To make online collaborations work well, Patti suggests developing a team agreement that clearly articulates the following: Will the team have a leader and if so, who will this be, and will this role be rotated? How will work be distributed? Who will do what? Who is the designated backup? What work... Read more →

"You Get What You Inspect, Not What You Expect"

Rallyfan of Random Thoughts on Life and Work is in the middle of a big process mapping project, looking at what his organization does, who's doing it and why. They've started to get back the results of some of their surveys and to his dismay (although not surprise), they are finding that a lot of paper is being pushed and not everyone is clear about why that is. He writes:... Read more →

Three Reasons to Blog About Your Mistakes

ProBlogger (Darren Rowse) had a good post today on 10 Mistakes that Will Kill Your Blog, which led me to this post on writing about your mistakes. Darren argues that one way to add personality to your blog is to write about those times when you screw up. Good advice that got me thinking about when you should blog about your mistakes. When You Make a Public "Goof"--Last week, Vicki... Read more →