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Lessons from Starbucks

I'm not a marketer, but regular readers of this blog will have figured out that I'm always on the lookout for marketing information and techniques. To me, marketing is the power of persuasion and frankly, we can all use a little marketing savvy.

That's why I was pleased to find on this morning's visit to Slideshare that John Moore of Brand Autopsy had just uploaded the fabulous slideshow above, sharing some of his "tribal knowledge" from his years at Starbucks. (Be sure to check out the slides on the differences between marketing, advertising, PR and branding, slides 15-18. I've never seen a better description!)

I was even more pleased to read at John's blog that he's participating in an hour-long conference call this Friday where he'll review these slides and answer your questions. Looks like it's free (my favorite price!)--you just have to dial in to the call.

If I didn't have a training to do on Friday, you can bet I'd be on that call with my cup of Starbucks next to me!


P.S.--I'm going to have to tone down the caffeine--normally I'm not an exclamation point kind of person.



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Michele! This is my exclamation proclamation. If you wanna “!” by all means “!” Seriously, thanks for the link love. And yeah, Marty Neuemeir’s graphical description of the differences between Marketing/Advertising/Public Relations/Branding is brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Learn to love the “!”)

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